Replacement Doors

Doors to walk-in coolers and freezers sustain tremendous abuse as the only moving part of a walk-in: Hand trucks, forklifts, pallet jacks, and everyday use can cause damages to a door that may go beyond repair. These damaged and ill-fitting doors can compromise cooler and freezer efficiency, promote the growth of harmful bacteria and even create a health and safety hazard.

Explore our replacement doors to reduce energy costs, counteract bacterial growth, improve access, and prevent workplace accidents. Ordering and installation is simple, and our replacement doors are designed to fit all Everidge coolers and freezers or any other manufacturer’s unit.

Sliding & Vertical Lift Doors

Everidge refrigerated storage doors provide safe, affordable, easy access to your cold foods and beverages. Designed and manufactured for long-term use in high-traffic applications, these walk-in cooler or freezer doors are durable, with 4-inch thick insulated panels, heavy duty hardware, a heated door jamb, and positive door seal to maintain temperature. Choose from a variety of sizes and finishes, door styles (single slide, bi-parting, or vertical lift), and manual or electric operation.

Single slide, bi-parting and overhead doors
Robust and durable for high traffic applications
Heavy duty hardware, as standard
Positive door seal helps maintain walk-in temperature
Manual or electric operation available
Heated door jamb
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