Our wide selection of cold prep tables provides outstanding, efficient solutions for cold food assembly and creation—from the making of the finest pizzas to high-volume meal preparation, this cold prep table is every kitchen’s work horse. Our patent-pending design is manufactured with flexibility in mind. The refrigerated rails, doors, and drawers are fully interchangeable in the field. Choose a granite or stainless steel flat top or an elevated ingredients rail, with or without drawers or doors. A versatile cold prep table can adjust with your menu without sacrificing food safety. All units offer ergonomic features to increase user productivity: ample under-the-counter refrigerated storage, an easy-to-use electronic control panel, and lockable casters to keep the unit in place during use.

48,” 61” and 84” sizes
Fully interchangeable granite and stainless steel tops
Optional elevated ingredients rail
Seven ambient temperature dough drawers
Front locking casters
Self-closing doors
Under-the-counter refrigerated storage space
Slide-out refrigeration system
Ventilated front breathing
Easy-to-use electronic digital control panel
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Every model features a highly rated, slide-out refrigeration system that’s easy to maintain and energy-efficient, oversized, and balanced to deliver quick temperature recovery and maintain high quality. Each cold prep table has been constructed using the latest technology and highest quality materials and components. Cold prep tables also meet the demands of HACCP: they offer reliable and consistent product temperatures, lower utility costs, and the ability to adhere to food safety standards.