PrepRite Offers a Full Line of Market-exclusive Sous Vide Cooking/Vacuum Bags

PrepRite by Everidge is the exclusive U.S. supplier of the only sous vide cooking/vacuum bag on the market with a temperature range of -40° F to 250° F.

Cooking/Vacuum Bags

PrepRite features a full line of market-exclusive sous vide cooking/vacuum bags. Easily prepare an array of menu items simply, efficiently and more consistently than ever.
With the ability to go instantly from chilled to sous vide temperatures, these bags – exclusive to PrepRite– can be used with any vacuum sealer with the following benefits:

  • Only bag on the market with a temperature range of -40° F to 250° F
  • Preserve food up to four times longer, maintaining freshness and all nutritional qualities
  • All products are certified “BPA FREE” and “REACH COMPLIANT”
  • Removes high oxygen content, creating a barrier for total food safety and quality

Ambient Dough Drawers

  • Designed using the highest quality materials
  • Seven ambient temperature drawers hold pizza dough, ingredients or utensils
  • Includes ergonomic features that help increase productivity

Refrigerated Condiment Rail

  • Designed to keep refrigerated ingredients close at hand
  • Self-contained, glass-protected
  • Provides ample pan capacity
  • Available in 6- or 10-pan options