ThermalRite by Everidge Walk-in Coolers and Freezers for All Cold Storage Applications

ThermalRite by Everidge walk-in coolers and freezers are engineered and built to customers’ exact dimensions and specifications. Flexible design and modular construction techniques ensure that our walk-ins meet your exacting requirements, helping you maximize operational efficiency. With Everidge’s extensive experience with walk in cold storage, we enjoy an unrivalled reputation for product quality, making us the supplier of choice throughout food retailing, warehousing, distribution, industrial and scientific environments.


ThermalRite by Everidge—with its strength as a maker of foodservice, institutional and specification lines of refrigerated walk-ins and other cold food equipment—has combined with other premier brands, available now from Everidge with our best-in-the-business customer service guarantees. ThermalRite by Everidge is proud to offer complete install services- every step of the way. Count on us to provide you high-quality, affordable, and customizable refrigerated solutions.

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All ThermalRite walk-ins are available with Sanisteel®, an anti-bacterial, slip-resistant pre-coated steel which is available exclusively through the Everidge family of brands. Sanisteel® is certified as food safe, providing total peace of mind for hygiene in food service and food retailing environments.

Independent tests have also demonstrated that Sanisteel® delivers unparalleled slip-resistance characteristics, even when wet, for improved workplace safety.

  • Better slip resistance than ADT by ASTM F 1679 test standards
  • Anti-bacterial pre-coated steel
  • Eliminates many harmful and potentially dangerous bacteria strains
  • NSF certified
  • High resistance to corrosion and scratches
  • Available only from ThermalRite and the Everidge brands
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ThermalRite by Everidge walk-in cooler and freezers enable both commercial and non-commercial foodservice operations to create the cold kitchen storage that best suits that environment. Depending on kitchen size, exact foodservice application, storage needs, or servers’ ease of access, ThermalRite by Everidge walk-in cooler and freezers can be customized to fit. Our walk-in units feature high-density foam rail construction, offering solid, high-quality construction and durability due to the rigidity of our panels.

ThermalRite Walk-in Coolers and Freezers by Everidge are engineered and built to customers' exact dimensions and specifications.

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