Why Use LED Lighting in Commercial Refrigeration

LED Lighting

At Everidge, LED lighting comes standard in all our walk-in coolers and freezers. You may think lighting is a minor detail, but it is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a new walk-in unit. Here’s why LED lighting is so important in commercial refrigeration.

Energy conservation

Because walk-ins require so much energy, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce a unit’s consumption. One of the biggest reasons we incorporate LED lights is the significant energy savings they represent. LED lights consume less energy than traditional lighting options, like fluorescent or incandescent bulbs, by putting to use minimal energy load for the lighting of a unit.

In addition to saving energy resources, LED lights are also better for the environment. They contain no hazardous materials like mercury, and their long lives translate to less time in landfills.

Increased brightness

Although LED lighting uses less energy, it actually provides increased brightness in a walk-in. LED lights have greater lumens per watt compared to traditional lighting sources, meaning you get more light with less energy.

Brightness is important to quality control in a kitchen, as it has been proven that poor lighting has negative effects in work environments. Better lighting equals better quality control and increased productivity. In addition, LED lights have an instant on and off response time. In a fast-paced kitchen environment where every second counts, that factor alone can help increase efficiency.

Brightness isn’t only productive in foodservice; in retail applications, well-lit coolers sell more products. LED lights help to bring out product colors and increase the professional atmosphere of your establishment. As an added bonus, LED overhead lights from Everidge offer different color or “light temperature” ratings.

Temperature control

Temperature control is always top of mind when we design our walk-ins. LED lights do not compromise the temperature of walk-in coolers and freezers, as they run 10-14 times cooler than traditional bulbs. In fact, the difference in the amount of heat generated between LED fixtures and fluorescent tubes can amount to 100 BTU per door. When less heat is generated, your walk-in stays cooler longer — another energy-saving factor.

Reduced maintenance

In a freezer environment, fluorescent tubes typically last about 6-12 months. LED lights, on the other hand, last approximately 50,000 hours, or five years. LED lights’ longevity decreases necessary maintenance time and is an obvious reason we incorporate them into all our units. When LED lights finally expire, they fade out over time, allowing you time to change the bulbs before they go out altogether — a significant aesthetic factor in retail applications.

Although lighting may not be an initial consideration, in the long run a walk-in unit with LED lighting will definitely save you time and resources. Learn more about our walk-ins and how every single feature is intentionally designed.