As the nation’s premier commercial cold storage solutions and refrigerated space services provider, Everidge brands—CrownTonka, ThermalRite, ICS, and LoTemp Doors—represent an unmatched, combined strength.

We manufacture indoor or outdoor walk-in coolers, freezers and environmental scientific chambers customized for any application. Our service guarantee gets you high-quality cold storage solutions at an affordable price. And we offer shorter lead times, competitive freight charges (going anywhere) and fast delivery for your walk-in needs. Everidge brands promise responsive, turn-key support every step of the way—from the point of sale through installation.

Our History

We’re proud to be family owned.  Our family-centered business is operated by those who understand the walk-in cooler and freezer market and modern refrigerated storage space needs.

We’re in your backyard. Our five U.S. manufacturing facilities are spread nationwide, allowing us low-cost, short lead time options—the best in the industry.

We’re open to feedback. It’s our goal to constantly improve, looking to gain from our own experience and from the experience of our customers.

We’re focused on quality. Our products are unmatched in their excellence, but our prices remain affordable—a combo that allows us to provide refrigerated walk-ins and cold storage solutions for any situation.

We’re attentive to people. From purchase to placement, we care that the customer is well-served. No complaints go unnoticed, and no needs go unmet.


Our industry leadership is based on high-quality walk-ins, freezers, and specialty cold storage solutions, offered affordably, and serviced with integrity. But the value of our family-oriented business depends on the clarity of our company’s vision for excellent customer experience.

Chris Kahler

President & CEO

Mike Kahler

President & COO

Mike Polis


Kevin Larkey

ICS General Manager

Feras Affani

VP of Sales ICS/Thermalrite National Chain Accounts

David Teske

Customer Service Manager (Retail), CrownTonka

Derek Johnson

Customer Service Manager (Foodservice), ThermalRite

Lynne Clatterbuck

Customer Service Manager (Foodservice Chains), ICS

Environmental & Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to provide excellent cold solutions includes the adoption of sustainable business practices and manufacturing techniques, reducing our impact on the environment. As a market-leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers, freezers, and other kitchen and refrigerated space solutions, we are pioneering initiatives which continue to significantly reduce energy consumption at all of our manufacturing and office facilities, greenhouse gas emissions, and the depletion of the planet’s raw material resources. Our Environmental Sustainability Program (ESP) has been implemented throughout each business unit to help reduce our carbon footprint and help our customers with ongoing environmental concerns.

We remain committed to the following objectives:

  • Meet and exceed the Energy Independence and Security Act 2009, Section 312, requirements for walk-ins

  • Produce high performance products which deliver reduced energy consumption and contribute to a marked reduction in carbon emissions

  • Use environmentally responsible manufacturing techniques

  • Recycle a high proportion of manufacturing materials

  • Inform and influence employees and suppliers on the importance of environmental responsibility

  • Continue to develop and refine our ESP through an on-going process of company-wide assessment and continuous improvements

  • Provide our customers with superior insulating materials, up to 40% more efficient than extruded polystyrene

Everidge realizes that state, national, and international safety concerns fluctuate with each energy initiative. But our refrigerated brands continue to adapt as well in order to meet and exceed compliance standards for refrigerated storage.

Every one of our cold storage products feature our careful approach with the utmost attention given to high-quality materials and construction.


CrownTonka, ThermalRite, ICS and LoTemp Doors are proud to be preferred vendors in the following buying groups:

As preferred vendors, all four Everidge brands have earned a strong reputation for premium-quality products and services, on-time performance and reasonable costs — and buyers can be confident in the high standards and combined strength our brands represent.