The PrepRite Cook-Chill System

PrepRite products are built to stand alone – and together – to increase kitchen efficiencies, preserve product, and save you money over time.


Pizza Prep Tables

These refrigeration units help keep ingredients organized and easily accessible for fast and efficient food prep offering
unsurpassed performance in all kitchen environments and are available in a myriad of styles and sizes.


Vacuum Sealers

Designed with the highest standard of vacuum technology to help extend shelf life up to four times longer compared with conventional cooling and freezing methods, and provides air-free packaging that protects food items and prevents freezer burn.

High-Volume Sous

Vide Circulators

Using the game-changing techniques of sous vide cooking, precise temperature control, and reduced oxygen packaging — the cutting-edge PrepRite sous vide circulator, with WiFi connectivity, provides a compact, convenient solution for preparing a wide variety of menu items.

Blast Chillers &

Shock Freezers

When you need to chill food fast, regular refrigeration units won’t do. You need a commercial blast chiller or blast freezer from PrepRite by Everidge. These fast-freezing appliances help preserve just-cooked flavor while keeping food safe from bacterial growth and contamination.

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