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Commercial In-Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Countertop Food Vacuum Sealers

PrepRite by Everidge is the exclusive US distributor of made in Italy Besser Vacuum products including vacuum sealers and vacuum sealer storage and cooking bags. Our sealers are reliable tabletop machines, meeting medium to high volume portion control, product storage and foodservice needs. They provide a practical and economical way of storing food in liquid, solid or cream form, extendin shelf life by up to 5 times longer than conventional cooling or freezing methods. Besser Vacuum commercial vacuum sealers are the perfect companion for both cook-chill systems and sous-vide cooking.

Our vacuum sealers were developed in collaboration with renowned chefs and foodservice experts to offer the highest standard of vacuum technology to help extend shelf life up to four times longer compared with conventional cook-chill methods and provide air-free packaging that protects food items and prevents freezer burn.

Made with a completely stainless-steel body, our vacuum sealers have a wider sealing bar (5 mm) compared to other machines available on the market. The wireless sealing bar and molded rounded tank are designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance and are the maximum for functionality and reliability. Thanks to a timed vacuum and sealing system, you can regulate the time or the vacuum percentage and customize the bag’s sealing, optimizing time and consumption.



Vacuum Sensor

A special program that allows you to manually set
the desired vacuum percentage and obtain more
precise control of the product’s preservation cycle
due to an electronic sensor.


Additional Welding Bar

An additional sealing bar guarantees the packaging
of a larger number of bags during the same vacuum

*Available on select models


Soft Air

An external knob that allows you to adjust the
intensity of the air return flow inside the vacuum
chamber avoiding compression of the packaged


Gas flush (MAP)

A system that allows packing delicate and soft
products in a modified atmosphere (ATM).A mixture
of food gases is injected into the vacuum bag
through an external side nozzle, ensuring total
preservation of the product’s shape, consistency, and

*Available on select models


Marinating | Infusion

A specific program that simplifies and speeds up
food marinating processes. Thanks to short and close
vacuum cycles, liquids in the bag penetrate faster
into the product’s fibers, accelerating the marinade
in a protected environment and at room


Printer | Printer Kit

A thermal printer of food labels: it simplifies the
traceability of the packaged products by printing
data relating to the packaging (product name, date
and time of packaging, product expiry, used
program, ingredients).

*Standard and/or available to add on select models



Stainless Steel Components

Body and inserts in stainless steel (Aisi 304) anti-
corrosion, transparent cover in pure polycarbonate
with a minimum thickness of 1.5 cm highly resistant,
multidirectional wheels that simplify operations of
moving and transporting.


Vacuum at 99.9%

By using professional DVP and BUSCH oil pumps
equipped with gas ballast, it is possible to reach the
maximum level of vacuum allowed in a very short
time, avoiding the pump’s air condensation and its
possible damage..


Soft Vacuum

A special program that allows the storage of liquid
and creamy products. Thanks to an intermittent
vacuum cycle, the product undergoes more delicate
stresses that prevent boiling and separation of
ingredients in the vacuum phase.


Wireless Welding Bars

Multiple wireless welding bars, equipped with
corrosion-resistant stainless steel (AISI 304) pistons
that simplify cleaning operations and guarantee total
safety during machine use, increasing the quality and
resistance of welding.


Easy cleaning

Molded and rounded stainless steel tank (AISI 304),
composed of a single thermoformed piece without
joints and weldings on the walls, expressly studied to
facilitate cleaning and hygiene operations.


Pump Maintenance

An innovative program that involves the activation of
10 consecutive cycles of vacuum that grind solid
residues left inside the pump and make the oil more
fluid. Allows reducing energy expenditure
guaranteeing automatic cleaning of the vacuum

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