One-piece Outdoor or Indoor Curbside Pickup / Drive Thrus / Convenience Stores / Grocery Walk-in Freezers & Coolers


Save on high construction costs with an indoor or outdoor one-piece walk-in or freezer or cooler from ICS by Everidge. Economical, practical, and versatile outdoor refrigerated structures. ICS units are delivered pre-assembled and ready to be placed added to your existing structure.

International Cold Storage Applications

No matter your application, ICS does it all – indoors or outdoors.

  • Drive-thrus
  • Curbside Pick-up
  • Dry Storage
  • Ambient Rooms


All Everidge commercial refrigeration systems come standard with state-of-the-art:

  • Split systems with Smart Defrost control to save energy
  • EC motors on all blower fans
  • Aisle mount, wall mount, & wedge mount blower coils
  • Reliable and stable operation


  • Four inch insulation Urethane foam: R-32 freezer, R-25 cooler tested to ASTM C518
  • Compliant to US and Canadian standards
  • 20 year limited warranty


  • Cooler, freezer, and ambient models
  • Factory tested refrigeration system
  • Optional generator for off-grid operations
  • Quick ship sizes from 8’ x 8’ x 7’ 6” to 8’ x 12’ x 7’ 6”
  • Other sizes and configurations available from 4’ x 6’ to 14’ x 50’ x 9’


Simply put, ICS one-piece walk-ins do what others can’t. Whether your unit is acting as a cooler, freezer, or ambient room, ICS is ready to work with your existing structure.

Looking to add a drive thru to your operation but don’t have space with your existing square footage? Consider the addition of an ICS one-piece ambient room which can be seamlessly integrated into your building for drive-thru convenience.

Is curbside pick-up the future of your food retail business? An ICS one-piece cooler can be set up in any open space, including a parking lot, for simple customer pickup without the need to enter the store and without sacrificing critical in-store floor space. See how Weis Markets used ICS to implement curbside grocery pick-up operations here.

See the photo series to the right for examples of how ICS can be added to your existing structures as well as photos of ICS for curbside pickup and drive-thru.