ICS—with its strength as a maker of the true one-piece, outdoor walk-in freezer or cooler—has combined with other premier brands, available now from Everidge with our best-in-the-business customer service guarantees. Everidge is proud to continue providing your high-quality, affordable, and customizable refrigerated solutions.


ICS offers a one-piece walk-in freezer or cooler designed for both outdoor use and indoor use. This type of outdoor storage has fulfilled a need of the foodservice industry by providing a solution that helps reduce high construction costs normally associated with new or remodeled construction projects. The overall footprint of the building is reduced by placing the walk-in freezer or cooler on the outside of the structure, realizing a net savings in construction time, labor, materials, and overall spending. ICS has numerous foodservice chain partners who, for years, have utilized the ICS one-piece design for their walk-in needs.


ICS Products

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