ICS Celebrates 50 Years with Pizza Hut

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This May, ICS was recognized by the International Pizza Hut Franchisee Holders Association (IPHFHA) for being a Pizza Hut supplier for over 50 years. Pizza Hut celebrated its 60th birthday at the convention held in San Antonio, and ICS was one of 20+ vendors and franchisees recognized at a private dinner and ceremony for their 50-year partnerships.

Lynne Clatterbuck, customer service manager for ICS, is the Pizza Hut account representative and has been maintaining that relationship for the last 20 years. Pizza Hut was actually Lynne’s first account when she joined the sales team in 1998. She has played a key role in the partnership, keeping ICS relevant through Pizza Hut’s various ownership changes.

There are over 400 ICS walk-in cooler/freezer combos in Pizza Hut locations across the country. ICS values the long-time partnership they’ve had with Pizza Hut.

Lynne says, “I’m looking forward to 50 more years!”

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