Introducing Everidge’s 4K Metal Finish for ICS Walk-ins

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Everidge is pleased to introduce our latest innovation: the 4K Metal Finish for ICS walk-ins. This advanced finish allows your walk-in units to blend seamlessly with your building’s exterior, whether it’s brick or wood grain.

Key Features
TruSteel HD Print Technology: Utilizing TruSteel HD Print Technology, the 4K Metal Finish replicates various textures and colors, reflecting your business’s unique style. These finishes are integrated into the manufacturing process, ensuring the sleek metal design remains intact.

Seamless Design: The 4K Metal Finish is designed to match your building’s exterior, providing a cohesive and professional look.

Durability: Built to last, the 4K Metal Finish offers exceptional durability.

20-Year Warranty: Our 4K Metal Finish comes with a 20-year exterior finish warranty, guaranteeing long-term quality and performance.

Learn More
For a detailed overview of the 4K Metal Finish, click here.

At Everidge, we are dedicated to combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. For more information, contact us today a