Modular Commercial Buildings Are the New Normal for Drive-Thru Dining

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Restaurants and fast-food facilities of all sizes are scrambling to meet the changes brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic. Consumers are looking for contactless access to their favorite restaurants. People want to stay in their cars. The addition of drive-thru lanes or expansion of existing drive thru lanes has become paramount to the financial success of most food service operations.

New modular buildings that utilize a drive-thru window have quickly become an effective and affordable alternative to conventional restaurant construction.

Modular units from ICS by Everidge are self-contained one-piece units, manufactured in our U.S. plants, delivered to you, and installed on your site. Installation is quick, easy, and only requires access to utilities and plumbing, then you’re up and running. These instant structures are an affordable option for any business owner, and in combination with an effective drive-thru system, a modular building helps provide a faster and more efficient customer experience.

Using walk in units from ICS by Everidge offers several benefits, including reduced construction time and costs, a longer life span than traditional wood-framed buildings, better weather resistance to harsh winter and summer temperatures; increased pest resistance, and a boost of green credentials.

ICS one-piece modular units are available with many options including drive-up windows, manual or power doors, windows, complete HVAC control, LED lighting, alarm systems, electrical boxes, shelving, and key-lock handles. Walls, floors, and ceilings are constructed of energy code compliant and environmentally responsible rigid-polyurethane foam. Everidge also exclusively offers Sanisteel® an anti-bacterial pre-coated material for your interior walk-in walls, ceilings, and floors. Sanisteel® is certified as food safe, providing total peace of mind for hygiene in food service environments. The Sanisteel® flooring coating is slip resistant pre-coated steel which is available for floors across our wide range of units. Independent tests have also demonstrated that Sanisteel® delivers unparalleled slip resistance characteristics, even when wet, for improved workplace safety.

As restaurant operators work to custom retrofit their operations to meet the New Normal, the use of ICS modular building units can combine the efficiency and convenience of both a drive-thru system and a modular restaurant design, expediting the rate of growth and expansion for your restaurant or franchise.

Learn more about more about modular one-piece units from ICS by Everidge here, or click here to contact your nearest Everidge Rep.