The Future is Hands Free

In the new normal, cleanliness and the protection of customers and employees is more important than ever. From gloves, to masks, to wiping down counters after every use, there is a lot to keep in mind. But how often do you think about the high-touch areas of your walk-in?

Luckily, we have hands-free options to give you peace of mind that your walk-in cooler or freezer is safe for your employees.

Everidge exclusively offers Sanisteel® anti-microbial pre-coated steel. Sanisteel® has a high resistance to corrosion and scratches as well as harmful strands of bacteria.
For other hands-free options, Everidge offers a hands-free Pull Handle and Lever Action Foot Treadle that can be added to any new walk-in or can be easily retrofitted to existing units.

Pull Handle Features: Pull Handle

  • Reasonable accommodation for ADA compliance – no fingers needed
  • Easy-grab pull with wrist or forearm – lots of clearance
  • Use for cleanrooms where hands or gloves must not contact handle
  • High strength, corrosion resistant stainless steel 316
  • No cracks or crevasses – food safe!
  • Only stainless-steel pull handle like it on the market

Lever Action Foot Treadle Features: Pull Handle

  • Designed especially for high-traffic doors when hands-free access is needed
  • Stainless steel pin and low friction bearings
  • Easy lever action, long life
  • Non-skid pedal surface
  • Reversible for right- or left-hand door swing
  • High strength, corrosion resistant alloy

For further specifications on these items, please see our spec sheet.
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