Ask an Everidge Expert: Why is my walk-in cooler leaking water near the evaporator coil?

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We know you have questions, and Everidge experts are here to give you answers. Answering today’s question is John Stocks, senior VP of sales, marketing and construction services for Everidge.

One of the most common areas for a walk-in cooler to have water appear is near the evaporator coil, so you are not alone. When you see condensation or water on the floor starting to build up, there are two easy-to-check possible causes: a clog in either the drain pan outlet or the drain line itself.

First, check to see if the drain pan outlet is clogged. Be sure to turn off the power to the evaporator for safety purposes. The pan can be easily accessed for a quick inspection from the back side for profile coils and the electrical connection side of the center-mount evaporator coil. It’s typical to find a price tag or other label caught in the drain outlet typically located near the return air surface of the coil. Remove the debris that’s clogging the drain pan outlet and replace the pan. Your water leak should be corrected immediately, and condensation should stop forming.

If you’ve checked the drain pan outlet and all is clear, the next step is to check whether the drain line itself is clogged. You’ll need to call a professional to come clear the drain in order for this to be corrected. A professional will be able to easily assess where the debris is clogging the drain line and correct it quickly. Similar to the drain pan outlet, as soon as the drain line path is clear, you’ll immediately notice the condensation clear up.

Even though a condensation buildup seems harmless at first, you certainly don’t want to let it go too far. Excess moisture in the unit is a serious safety hazard to personnel, causing slippery floors and dangerous conditions. Additionally, the deterioration of the walk-in panel surface itself is at risk. If your walk-in is storing food, too much moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth. You should address any condensation you see right away.

There are a few things you can do to prevent clogging and condensation near your evaporator coil.

  • Always keep your floor surface clean. All loose debris should be cleaned out of the walk-in in order to keep the drain pan outlet and drain line from getting clogged and leading to excess moisture.
  • Be aware of any product, such as food or boxes, being stacked against the drain line. The drain line can be dislodged, so give it a wide berth when organizing your cooler.
  • Perform regular preventive maintenance on your walk-in refrigeration equipment. We recommend quarterly checks by certified professionals to ensure your walk-in is functioning as it should and to avoid any excess moisture buildup in the future.

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