Blast chilling is a method of cooling food quickly to a low temperature so that it is safe from bacterial growth. By reducing the temperature of cooked food to 38°F or below within 90 minutes, food is made safe for storage and later consumption. Because blast chilling helps ensure the safety and quality of food, it is a method frequently used by chefs, restaurateurs, caterers, fast food producers, bakeries, confectioners, and ice cream makers.

Our blast chillers also act as commercial blast freezers. With the capability of taking a product from 194°F to 37°F in 90 minutes and blast freezing product from 194°F to 0°F in 240 minutes, operators get the speed and security they need to continue running a kitchen safely and efficiently. With an Everidge restaurant blast chiller, food products can be moved straight from the oven or steamer directly into the unit, without the need to pre-temper the food.

Easy-to-use electronic control panel
Interior rounded corners for easy cleaning
Self-contained refrigeration system
Slide out refrigeration system is easy to access for service
Stainless Steel interior top, sides, front, back and bottom as well as Stainless Steel exterior top, sides, front and back
Meets the demands of HACCP Guidelines for proper food chilling and freezing
“Easy” snap-in magnetic door gasket
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Only when food is chilled very quickly is its quality, flavor, taste and texture optimally maintained. Normal coolers cool foods slowly. This allows large ice crystals (macro-crystals) to be formed in the process, damaging the food’s cells, so when it is thawed, its consistency and quality have been compromised. A commercial blast freezer utilizes very low temperatures so only small ice crystals (micro-crystals) are formed without damaging the food’s structure.