A Case Study: The Nuts and Bolts of Construction Services

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Choose Hassle-Free Project Management with Construction Services by Everidge

Construction Services by Everidge efficiently manages cold storage and walk-in cooler/freezer projects for customers wanting turnkey service. We provide customers with a single point of contact between all project stakeholders and a designated project management team.

We deliver valuable results—on schedule and within budget—while minimizing impacts on business operations. Our continuous involvement ensures cost-effective installation and rapid response to unanticipated issues in the field. Projects are fully managed, from design and build to installation and field service.

“A customer will reach out and say, ‘We want a walk-in, and we want you to take care of it.’ That’s where we come in with our maxim—Every Step of the Way,” says George Comb, Construction Services Department Manager.

“There are many benefits to going this route. We manage the project with a single-source point of contact. Ordering is streamlined. The warranty is extended. Contractors are managed. Everything is taken care of. And if there’s a problem on the job, our guys know how to solve it –and who to call to get it fixed. We provide a direct line to fast solutions.”

Customer Benefits of Construction Services

Over the years, Construction Services has successfully managed many projects, from across a broad spectrum of industries. Many are food retail or food service projects, but also agricultural projects, military facilities, education centers, and medical institutions that need cryofreeze facilities for sub-zero temperatures to preserve blood, plasma, or cells. Everidge has done supersized stadiums, big box stores, colleges, universities, and more.

In business since 1939 Everidge brands—which include CrownTonka—have earned a reputation for industry-leading service. Its teams utilize these decades of industry experience to provide the best in project management.

Any customer with a walk-in cooler/freezer project can benefit, from Construction Services offering:

  • In-house engineering department
  • Experienced project management teams
  • Site survey
  • Submittal review against site surveys (prior to panel production) for improved accuracy
  • Comprehensive CAD drawings
  • Panel delivery
  • Pre-construction meeting with stakeholders
  • Installation schedule
    • Panel Delivery
    • Carpentry
    • Refrigeration
    • Mechanical
    • Plumbing
    • Fire Suppression
  • Post-installation inspection
    • Checklist
    • Photographs
    • Punch Lists
  • Single-source billing and warranties
  • Post-installation support with Everidge Construction Services field technicians

A Case Study: The Nuts and Bolts of Construction Services

Selecting a single project that captures the full range of Construction Services’ capabilities is difficult. One project—the interstate relocation of a distribution center featuring 37,330 square feet of cooler panels over 15,000 square feet of floor space—stood out in both size and complexity.

THE CHALLENGE: Interstate Distribution Center Move

This customer had worked with us previously to construct a major distribution center at Location A. However, changes to their lease necessitated an interstate move to Location B. We were called in again to manage its dismantling, transportation, and reassembly.

Multiple elements, from materials acquisition and handling, transportation, and interstate logistics to licensure and compliance codes, in addition to the sheer size of the project, presented a unique challenge—one we were excited to meet!



THE RESULT: Centralized Solution for Project Peace-of-Mind

This facility move represented a significant investment for the customer, and potential delays or disruptions could have meant significant financial losses. Everidge’s Construction Services ensured efficient, timely completion of the project.

On-site support with experienced Everidge field technicians ensured the correct installation of each element, including panels, accessories and fixtures, refrigeration equipment, plumbing, and carpentry finishes.

This distribution center deconstruction and rebuild has been one of the department’s largest and most complex projects to date and represents a flagship success.



Reliable Results: Every Step of the Way

As with all projects, Construction Services by Everidge is here to ensure your project is a success. Our teams are here to help. Reach out to us to learn more.

For more information contact constructionservices@everidge.com.