Customizable Pizza Prep Tables for a Solution that’s Unique to Your Business

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Build Your Own Pizza Prep Table: Customize Your Workspace to Fit Your Needs

Cold pizza prep tables are perfect for pizza restaurants, sandwich shops, and many others. Run your preps safely, smoothly, and efficiently while decreasing waste and reducing costs. Utilize ample under-counter storage, convenient condiment rail, generous pan capacity, and an extra-wide work top.

PrepRite by Everidge offers flexible design options and full customization to fit your every need—from table configuration to backsplash materials. Start with the standard elements, build your base, then add your desired features.

Start Standard: Essential Elements

Start with the best in standard features: all built with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of PrepRite.

  • Heavy duty AISI 304 grade stainless steel
  • Interchangeable refrigerated rails, doors, and drawers
  • Extra-wide work surface
  • NSF approved, lockable swivel casters
  • Quick temperature recovery refrigeration system
  • User-friendly electronic control panel
  • Automatic defrost

Build Your Base: Modular Options for Maximum Efficiency

Each kitchen is different, as should be each cold storage pizza prep table. With PrepRite by Everidge, you select the size and configuration that best fits your unique space and needs. Personalize the prep table to fit your workspace, and modify it as needed with interchangeable options.

Choose your combination of 1, 2, or 3 refrigerated doors or refrigerated dual drawers with corresponding workspace widths of 61” or 84,” depending on your needs. Also available is a 34” ambient dough drawer, either as part of a table or as a standalone.

Functional or Fancy Features: Add Your Options

Once your base is built, add the features that will make it an indispensable workstation.

  • Optional Ambient Dough Drawers
    • Keep workspaces clear and dough safely tucked away with the ambient dough drawers. Ambient temperatures allow dough to rise or rest undisturbed.

  • Optional Refrigerated Condiment Rail
    • The elevated ingredient rail keeps ingredients at your fingertips and off the work surface. Maintain proper temperature control. Keep ingredients separated while maintaining regulation compliance, food safety, and customer satisfaction.

  • Optional Flat or Curved Sneeze Guard
    • Protects ingredients from airborne contaminants
    • Contingent on condiment rail option

  • Optional No Top, Stainless Steel Top, or Granite Top
    • Choose no top, the classic stainless steel, or granite. Stainless steel offers classic durability and shine, plus an easy-clean surface. The granite worksurface resists cuts and scratches, as well as heat, stains, and fire resistant. Its durability ensures a smooth and elegant surface for years to come.

  • Dual Refrigerated Drawers or Doors
    • Provides generous cold storage
    • Energy-efficient refrigeration
    • Quick temperature recovery

Quality Manufacturing: Worry-Free Warranty

We stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our products. Keep your peace-of-mind with the PrepRite warranty.

  • Two-year warranty on parts and labor
  • Additional warranty for years 3-5 on compressor (parts only)


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